Saturday, September 22, 2012

Daily 5 - Moving Forward

I am now looking at the 'next steps' in my own learning with the Daily 5 and one of the things that I have been struggling with has been 'how do I create/store etc. a personal box of books for each child for read to self?'

My student teacher came up with the solution of making the students all a book bag of their own - she is, fortunately, a rather gifted seamstress! So this week, she is creating a button label with each of the children and then she will put the bags together for them with their personalised 'badge' on the front of each bag. With an already full classroom, the thought of (a) the cost of 26 boxes and (b) the storage factor for each box, this is a clever little solution as we can peg the bags up on the windows while they are not in use. A-ha! Brilliant me-thinks!

The class are currently working on choosing books independently for read-to-self, as part of the reading conferences with each individual child is to help to guide them towards making great choices for books. We have worked on this as a school for years and have a simple self-guide system already, but the explicit nature of the Daily5 means that the students also understand the difference between a book that they can read fluently and one that they need to share or have read to them, or perhaps one that is best for another child to read to them in read-to-someone.

We are now working on getting their self-chosen books into a lovely bag like these:
Will post in a few days and show you the finished product with the button letters on them!

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